Mercedes-Benz of Nashville Vehicle Pick-Up Service

Mercedes-Benz of Nashville Service Valet Concierge Trailer

Avoid Nashville Traffic with Our Service Valet Concierge Trailer

Why waste your time fighting Nashville traffic? Our Service Valet Concierge will pick up or deliver your Mercedes-Benz vehicle from/to your home or office. Rely on one of our professional drivers to pick up your Mercedes-Benz vehicle for service at our dealership, performed by our factory-trained, certified technicians. When complete, we can deliver your vehicle back to you so that you can sidestep all the wasted time and energy of taking on Nashville traffic.

Mercedes-Benz Service Pickup Trailer

Designed For Your Convenience

Mercedes-Benz of Nashville provides Service Valet Concierge to any Mercedes-Benz owner within 30 miles of our dealership – just book at least two days in advance.

We use cutting-edge software to schedule and route our drivers. Routes are optimized based on traffic patterns, time of day, construction, road closures, and so forth.

Mercedes-Benz of Nashville Car Service & Auto Repair Pickup Trailer

Step 1: Schedule your vehicle for service and pick-up

Scheduling Vehicle Pickup for Mercedes-Benz Service in Nashville

Step 2: Track our professional driver on their way to pick up your vehicle

Tracking the Mercedes-Benz Service Concierge Trailer in Nashville

Step 3: Receive pick-up progress alerts, and easily contact your advisor

Contact the Mercedes-Benz Service Concierge Trailer Driver in Nashville


What is Service Valet Concierge?

It’s a complimentary service provided by Mercedes-Benz of Nashville in which a professional, experienced driver picks up your vehicle for service at our dealership. If you like, we’ll drop off a loaner vehicle with you at the time of pickup. When our skilled technicians complete the work, we can deliver your vehicle back to you and, if applicable, pick up the loaner. You must book this service at least two days in advance.

Who can benefit from our Service Valet Concierge?

We welcome new and existing service clients who own any Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

How far does the Service Valet Concierge go?

The service is available anywhere within a 30-mile radius of our dealership.

What services are not included?

Services not included are detailing, sublet repairs, and any service that would be completed in less than two hours.

Which vehicles are not eligible for our Service Valet Concierge?

The Mercedes-Benz vehicle must be fit to drive, and legally titled and registered in the U.S.

Is same day pick-up available?

You must schedule service at least two days in advance.

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