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What is AMG®?

Driving a Mercedes-Benz vehicle guarantees you’ll enjoy advanced performance coupled with the newest luxury features. But did you know that Mercedes-Benz offers vehicles that provide even more exhilaration? That’s the promise of the Mercedes-Benz performance division, AMG®.

One of only 45 Mercedes-Benz Master Technicians hand-builds every AMG® engine so that you receive unparalleled performance that is the stuff of dreams for driving enthusiasts.

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The Technology of AMG®

Don’t think of an AMG® as just a more powerful Mercedes-Benz model. Rather, AMG® vehicles have been tailored from the ground up by engineers applying advanced technology to enhance the car’s performance. By modifying or entirely changing the vehicle’s body and components, AMG® creates cars that are a breed apart from standard Mercedes-Benz models.

AMG® vehicles boast the latest performance features and artistic styling. Each AMG® model is unique, but they all share certain technologies and characteristics.

  • Advanced Power Delivery
    • AMG® vehicles let you select driving modes to immediately adapt the vehicle’s response. AMG® vehicles also provide innovative gearboxes as well as an array of racing-focused features, including multi- or dual-clutch technology.
  • AMG® RIDE CONTROL Sport Suspension
    • Built from lightweight materials such as carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and aluminum, AMG® suspensions add minimal weight to the car. This suspension is smart: It continually analyzes driving conditions to regulate damping, thereby ensuring a confident, smooth ride.
  • AMG® Performance 4MATIC® All-Wheel Drive
    • AMG® engineers refine the famous Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® AWD system to derive a performance-oriented version that maximizes the efficient use of all available torque while shaving up to 35% of the weight found on competing systems.
  • The Sound of Performance
    • Like a wild beast, every AMG® vehicle responds to the gas pedal with a unique growl that varies in tenor and tone with the drive mode you select. Driving enthusiasts will relish this soul-stirring sound every time they take the wheel of an AMG®.
  • Enhanced Styling
    • The unique styling of AMG® vehicles are more than just cosmetic changes to standard Mercedes-Benz vehicles. You’ll find a variety of functional differences expressed in the design of AMG® vehicles, including a wide stance that promotes traction, rear diffusers that optimize airflow beneath the vehicle, and the iconic AMG® front apron that enhances engine air flow through enlarged vents.

Drive an AMG® Vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of Nashville

Wherever you travel in your AMG® vehicle, you’re certain to attract admiring looks and praise. You’ll understand this phenomenon once you spend some quality time behind the wheel of an AMG® vehicle. We can arrange that – just stop by Mercedes-Benz of Nashville at 630 Bakers Bridge Avenue, Franklin, TN.

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